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Refinishing repairs

Make your car look like new again

Misjudged a carpark or turned too hard and hit your garage? Even a minor-seeming collision can cause surprising damage to your vehicle’s finish. 

Our refinishing services get your paintwork back into perfect condition. Timelines for refinishing depend on the amount of work needed and the type of vehicle. When you get your quote, we’ll give you a time estimate and keep you updated if things change.

Modern paint technology: as an Authorised PPG Refinisher, we use PPG’s Envirobase Waterborne Paint System for almost every job. This matches up with the preferred paint of vehicle manufacturers, giving you a finish that looks – and lasts – like the original.

Environmentally friendly: unlike older car finishes, waterborne paints are gentle on the environment. PPG Envirobase paints release far fewer solvent vapours into the environment, lowering the carbon footprint of the repair process – while still achieving a high-quality result.


Need a cosmetic repair?

Here’s how the refinishing process works:

Need a cosmetic repair?


Colour match: we use a PPG RapidMatch spectrophotometer for precision colour matching.

Prepare: strip back damaged or new panels for paint application.

Mask: windows, headlights and wheels are covered with plastic to protect them from the paint.

Prime: in most cases, wet-on-wet primer is sprayed on before the paint.

Paint: the painting process varies depending on whether the colour is solid, metallic or pearl.

Clear coat: the final top coat protects the colour from the elements and creates that new-car shine.

Bake: the vehicle is heated in our booth to around 65°C to ensure the paint is cured. Some hybrid and EV vehicles can’t go through this process, so may take longer to cure.  

Safe, road-worthy repairs

Collisions may be our focus, but that’s not all we do. Whether you need a quick rust treatment to get your WOF, a new paint job, hail repairs, an aftermarket bull bar or flares, we can help.


As always, we provide safety-focused structural repair work and high-quality refinishing services. Our expert team will give you a quote, talk you through the repair process and let you know how long your job is likely to take. We can even come to you to quote on your custom job – with no obligation to go ahead.

Other services include:

  • Rust repair – from minor areas to full bodywork
  • Headlight resurfacing
  • Wheel painting
  • Lease vehicle paint rectification
  • Hail repairs
  • PDR paintless dent repair
  • Adding bull bars and flares


Need a custom job done right?

What our clients say

We use Three-Sixty for all our paint and panel requirements, from chassis work on our caravans to full paint and panel on our range of boats. 

With the high-end products we sell, we cannot compromise on quality and we can always rely on Aaron and the team to deliver a quick turnaround with little disruption to our business. The level of quality, customer service and value surpasses our expectations. 

A great local family business.

Danny King, Branch Manager & Sales, D&E Outdoors    

Minor repairs

Dislodged bumpers, dents and damaged lights or electrics may need minor structural work to get back to standard. Depending on the scope, this type of repair can take two to five days – we’ll let you know when you get your quote.

Major work

Had a nose-to-tail or a sideswipe? We’ll make sure everything gets back to the manufacturer’s specifications. Major work can take up to 10 days to complete – we’ll give you a timeline when the work starts.

Need a structural repair?

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